58: Peacock

Golden, elegant, iridescent, extraordinary, peacock, beautiful, bird, royal, regal, wall sculpture, sparkling, tendrils, wires, sculptural, wispy, majestic, stunning, garden room, presence, graceful, stylish, unusual, innovative, exalted, remarkable, attractive, impressive, gorgeous, resplendent, spectacular, colourful, sumptuous, striking, effervescent , vivacious , lively, animated, busy, exciting, exceptional, sturdy, well made , skilfully designed, well crafted, magnificent, admirable, delicate, lavish, different, accomplished, experimental.

Glass, hand gilded glass, wire, lightweight cement.

120 x 50cm board.


Kate Rattray

I’ve been a professional  mosaic artist for 30 years, exhibiting my work around the UK and abroad.

In the last 8 years I have developed my own methods to make 3 dimensional mosaic wall sculptures; winged creatures inspired by a mythological story or an extraordinary creature living in our world.

After constructing the sculpture I make the mosaic plumage using glass and ceramic tiles. I also hand gild clear sheets of glass with metal leaf which I then cut up and use in the work.