01: Elemental Memento Vivere

About Elemental Memento Vivere

Delabole slate with a lightly textured and slightly iridised glass.

Memento Vivere is Latin for Remember to Live. This work aims to focus attention on being open to, and connecting with, the present moment. The representation of the elements, viewed through the ages as the building blocks of life, are intrinsic to the integrity of the form as a whole and aim to create a focal point for pause and thought, likewise the insets to the reverse. The glass can appear to be transparent but with movement, it shimmers with rainbow colours indicating an openness to infinite possibilities of the moment.

The purpose of this sculpture is a reminder to move away from a busy over-connected world to focus on the elemental simplicities which not only connect with the moment but also, on a wider scale, forge better and more meaningful connections with the real world.

Stacey Beaumont


Stacey Beaumont

About Stacey

My artistic practice explores the transitional effect of light through glass, which transforms static installations into works that are dynamic and responsive to their environments. I mainly use reclaimed local Cornish slate to forge a solid design structure. I am strongly influenced by the stunning natural environment surrounding my workshop on the north Cornish coast, as well as my childhood in Africa and travels since.

I exhibit nationally, with sculptures in 2021 being shortlisted for the Wells Art Contemporary where I came second in the People Vote, and for the Regeneration Exhibition and Ashburner Prize at Stone Lane Gardens.

Stacey Beaumont