21: Talisman Series

About Talisman Series

Carved glacial erratic

Created using glacial erratics, 340 million year old stones tumbled into spheres during bygone ice-ages and deposited by the melting Irish Sea glacier at the foot of the Knockmealdown mountains in Ireland. The piece stands on a Corten Steel plinth.

Talismans were believed to offer defence from plague and pestilence harnessing the restorative and regenerative powers of the earth. Juxtaposing the highly worked interior with the raw, natural patina time and travel has given to the exterior of the stones they are then left to the elements, where any acidity in the rain water tarnishes the lustre and allows the work to continue to evolve.

Price £10,920

Luke Alen-Buckley

About LAB

Luke Alen-Buckley is an early career sculptor who has been exhibiting and delivering public commissions since 2019. He began his artistic career as an apprentice in St Mawes Cornwall. During the significant time in isolation and lockdown in 2020, He began a process of reflection and contemplation. Luke focused primarily on the concepts of spiritual renewal and revival. He researched ancient cultures and their relationship to stone and how it helps with restoration, health, and prosperity.

Luke Alen-Buckley