Stone Lane Garden Sculpture

Annual Sculpture Exhibition and Ashburner  Prize

1st June – 31st Oct 2021              View Catalogue

The exhibition is open!

We attracted a wide range of submissions from emerging artists of all ages based in or connected to the South West.

It is a fascinating show of original contemporary work.

The Ashburner prize winner was chosen by artist and Royal Academician Peter Randall-Page and Lara Goodman, contemporary art curator at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter.

The 2021 exhibition is entitled ‘Regeneration;, reflecting life beyond COVID19 and celebrating the start of planting in the Stone Lane Garden  ‘new arboretum’ area. 

In addition, a small number of our past exhibitors are showing work (also available to purchase) in the new tea room garden.

This is an important showcase for West Country artists. This annual exhibition is held in the summer months within Stone Lane Garden’s beautifully landscaped National Collections of Birch and Alder trees. Groves of trees, pools and streams create a magical exhibition setting loved by visitors of all ages.

We welcome all enquiries and are happy to answer any questions via ‘contact us’ or email

How to apply 2022 exhibition info will be available later this year