Over 40 years ago, Kenneth and June Ashburner began planting trees in a field. As Kenneth’s plant hunting expeditions gathered pace, so did the collections of trees and plants that started to accumulate in the ‘field’. Years of sympathetic and artistic development and landscaping have created the inspiring garden we enjoy today. In 1995, the garden was award National Collection Status by Plant Heritage and in 2019, it became an RHS Partner Garden.

Dedicate a bench

By donating a seat for quiet contemplation, you are  helping us provide an inspirational environment for the visitors to the garden. You also help to support the work of maintaining and enhancing our important National Collections of Birch and Alder trees  the renovation of our Water Gardens and the creation of the New Arboretum.

Our benches are constructed for us by Devon Timber

All the timber they supply has been sustainably grown, harvested and procured from within Devon or neighbouring counties—nothing is imported.

Their products can be traced back to the woodland and often even the stump from where the timber was harvested. This wonderful resource is then milled, processed and fairly traded. That’s it, no tropical timber and no imports,

Why Is Our Garden So Important?

Our National Collections of Birch and Alder trees are:

  • Important to scientists – as a living library of genetic material collected from all over the world.
  • Important to the public – educating children and adults about these attractive and pioneering trees.
  • Important for the future – as a source of trees for possible new breeding programmes as the climate changes.

Our sculpture exhibitions are important for providing an important local ‘shop window’ for West-country artists and designers. The garden provides a unique educational setting for both children and adults to enjoy creative learning activities.

What Do I Get?

What Do I Get with my sponsorship of a bench?

  • You have the opportunity to dedicate the bench in memory of a loved one or in celebration of a special occasion
  • You have a wonderful place to sit and contemplate  and we offer free membership for one year so that you can visit at any time
  • You can credit your sponsorship of the bench on an engraved plaque

How Much does it cost?

Simple bench


Large crafted bench


How Do I Pay?

Please select the type of bench you would like to dedicate and fill in the form, then pay by PayPal via credit or debit card.