Trees are supplied by us on the understanding that the customer will plant and maintain them in the correct way. We will not replace a tree that has died because it has not been planted correctly or has not been maintained correctly and with appropriate care.

If a tree bought from us shows signs of serious failure within the first year of purchase, then the customer must inform us immediately. At this stage we may be able to give advice that will save the tree. If, despite following our advice, the tree dies within one year of purchase, then we will replace with the same type where possible. Otherwise we may replace with a similar type or refund the purchase price (less any delivery charge). If we replace the tree, the customer must collect the replacement from our nursery or pay for any delivery charge.

All purchases from our shop remain our property until payment has been received in full. Payment is normally expected before collection/delivery. In any event , payment must be made within 30 days of receipt of goods.

Trees are unique living organisms that may show some differences in growth, habit, colour, leaf, etc even when cloned. We do not guarantee any of their properties for this reason. If a tree shows traits that are clearly contrary to those expected (eg. upright habit when it should be weeping, dark bark when it should be white), then we may at our discretion replace the tree. However, we will only replace with a tree from nursery stock available. For example, we will not replace a tree that has since grown 20 feet tall with another of similar size. Trees must be given enough time to mature enough to show the traits described.

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