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Beautiful Devon-grown trees direct from the specialists:
Stone Lane Gardens, a National Collection Holder of Birch and Alder.

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  • We specialise in supplying many of the unusual and beautiful trees in our Arboretum.
  • A wide range of both popular and unusual Birch trees (Betula) and Alder trees (Alnus); lifted bare-root during the dormant season (Nov-March).
  • Delivery throughout the UK .
  • We also supply tree stakes, canes, tree ties and tree guards. Everything you need to ensure your trees get the protection and care they deserve.

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Not sure how to plant a tree? Download our free guide  How to plant your tree

Our Alders are mainly grown from controlled pollination seed and cuttings. Many of our Birch are also grown  from controlled pollination seed. However, we also grow many of the popular cultivars by grafting and budding.

We are always happy to help and advise on any aspects of planting, suitability of soil or location, growth rates of the trees, etc.

We deliver trees throughout the UK or trees can be collected in person from the nursery. The nursery is open all year round, but by appointment only.

Nursery visits

The tree nursery is not open to the public, but our on-line  shop offers plenty of information, while the garden itself offers an unparalleled opportunity to choose which trees are best suited to your own garden by seeing their appearance when mature. We are happy to advise customers on suitable trees by phone or email.

Trees ordered in advance can be collected from Stone Lane Gardens, though as we are a small organisation with minimal staff, orders must be placed with at least a couple of days’ notice of collection. If you would like to select your trees in person, we are happy to help but do ask that you make an appointment first to avoid disappointment.

For westcountry residents we can even offer a bespoke planting service.

Common birch cultivars

Customers sometimes ask for particular cultivars by name. The following cultivars are not stocked by us, but we can recommend the alternatives shown.

Betula albosinensis ‘Fascination’ – why not try our other Betula albosinensis cultivars such as ‘Pink Champagne’ or ‘China Rose‘.

Betula albosinensis var septentrionalis and Betula albosinensis ‘China Ruby’- Our cultivar ‘China Rose’ is very similar.

Betula utilis ssp jacquemontii (syn. Betula utilis jacquemontii, Betula jacquemontii or Betula utilis var jacquemontii) Doorenbos, Snowqueen and Silver Shadow. – why not try our NEW cultivar ‘Snow Leopard’. We also have an un-named but reliably white barked micro-propagated form of jacquemontii. These are strong growing white barked trees of reliable performance. We also produce a cultivar ‘Grayswood Ghost’ which is a very attractive white barked tree.

Betula ermanii ‘Grayswood Hill’ – our cultivar ‘Hakkoda Orange’ has an equally  lovely bark colouring.