Additional educational resources

We have compiled a selection of PDF documents that you are welcome to download. These have all been produced by other organisations and we cannot accept any liability for the content of this material. We are grateful to those organisations for this information and hope that we have acknowledged them where appropriate.

This material varies greatly in its complexity and assumed knowledge. Therefore rather than putting it into age categories, we leave it to you to decide what is appropriate for your group.

Firstly are a series of downloadable documents, followed by links to some very good websites where a great deal more information can be found.

We hope you find this part of the website useful and if you have any comments please get in touch.

General Wildlife

Food chains & webs – BBSRC

Hibernation – Devon Wildlife Trust


Fungi, moss and lichen worksheet – Woodland Trust

Plants & trees

Plant growth investigation – Royal Forestry Society

Leaf identity sheet – Woodland Trust

“The man who planted trees” presentation worksheet – Woodland Trust

Photosynthesis – BBSRC

Plant Biology – Royal Botanic Garden Kew

Seed dispersal activity sheet – Growing Schools

Wildlife plants for gardens – Natural England

Birch seed collecting/planting – Woodland Trust

Wild plant survey activity sheet – Royal Forestry Society


Catch your own mini-beast – BBSRC

Creature homes – Devon Wildlife Trust

Ground insect worksheet – Woodland Trust

Insect homes – BBSRC

Guide to insects (detailed) – Royal Entomological Society

Insect identity sheet – Woodland Trust

Moths & Butterflies in the garden – Natural England

Saving Bumble bees – Natural England


Nestboxes – Devon Wildlife Trust

Bird identification worksheet – Woodland Trust

Birds in the garden – Natural England

Amphibians & Reptiles

Amphibians – Natural England

Reptiles – Natural England


Garden Ponds – Natural England