02: Equal Parts

About  Equal Parts

Partially glazed stoneware clay, elastic rope

An installation of up to six ‘clay shields’. As a metaphor, the bark textured clay suggests care and protection, while the square cross is more open-ended without any additional information such as a particular colour. The square cross appears in a large number of different religious and secular contexts. My aim is to draw attention to the precariousness of our environment and to suggest a non-hierarchical consideration and care which takes the symbol of the cross back to its pre-Christian connotations of symmetry and interconnectedness of the natural elements.

Desa Philippi

Price £500 each £2500 set of 6

Desa Philippi

About Desa

After working as an art historian and writer for many years, I started working with clay. I have an MA in Ceramics & Glass from the Royal College of Art. My work is grounded in the forming of clay and the materials and techniques of ceramics. Individual projects develop from observation and

research. I isolate and manipulate in order to slow down and question the ways we understand what we see. I draw attention to the shifting definitions, boundaries and intersections of the natural and the human-made in terms of perception and metaphor, and as material transformation and process. Instagram