06: Cocoons

About Cocoons

Hand knitted microfilament

Cocoons is a series of three hanging sculptures made with monofilament, transformed through the process of knitting into a sparkling, ethereal web. Knitting with monofilament involves a change in control, as the unruly line partly dictates the outcome. The resultant translucent net is like a drawing in space, with intriguing variations in density and line, yet it’s also sometimes almost invisible. These web-like sculptures look fragile, like lace, yet the multiple knitted connections create fascinating, strong, flexible networks. Cocoons have associations with comfort and privacy, but also with regeneration and new growth.

Price £1500 (series of 3) or £600 each

Louise Baker

About Lou

Traditionally, knitting has associations with comfort and the private sphere; it’s functional, perfect and finished. Lou Baker subverts these expectations, making thought-provoking, abstract sculptures, which are intentionally ‘sloppy’ and often unravelling. Knitting is an unexpected medium in art; its connection with clothing, and its softness, evokes the human form and its mortality. Lou’s practice also includes social engagement and performance. Lou graduated with First class honours in Drawing and Applied Arts from the University of the West of England (UWE) in 2015 and will complete an MA in Fine Art at Bath Spa University in September 2021.

Lou Baker