06: Of Here i-iii

A series of smooth, pebble like ceramic sculptures, each one smoke fired with cuttings from Stone Lane Gardens. The firing infuses the surface of the ceramic pieces with markings created from the flora growing in the exhibition site. The sculptures are created with apertures, that are fitted with a mirror post firing, reflecting the surroundings in the present, whilst the smoked sculptures capture an element of the place at the time of firing, creating a legacy of that moment. 


i £250 (Silver Birch),

ii £380 (Bluebells),

iii £380 (Ferns)

Rhea Morton

About Rhea

Rhea Morton is a Bristol based artist, educator and researcher, predominantly working with ceramics and glass. Her practice is process-driven with material engagement at its core. Creating space for the materials to be is important to her work; playing with control and agency, recognising the role of each tool and material in the work as a whole. A desire to work with materials is deeply rooted in her pedagogical engagement with others; a pedagogy that is strongly connected to play as an act of discovery, or indeed just a way of existing in the world.