06: Trisha Filor

About give and take  

Ceramic circles are threaded onto 6mm steel rods 

I have chosen a circle to represent the concept of alliance. To achieve a state of connectivity or being connected, an alliance must be formed.  A congruence between parties often once, twice or many times removed from each other, but the links in the chain still forming a network or integration. Whether this is a manufactured or technical relationship or a natural kinship formed and developed over generations, it is arguably almost impossible without a degree of reciprocity. Connectivity in a site specific context made me think of the cohabitation behaviours of plants and in this case more specifically, trees. The unseen communication links that are formed within areas of similar vegetation are fascinating and can be both above and below ground.  Unravelling this symbiotic way of co-living shows a cyclical pattern which brought me back to the concept of an alliance, and the idea of a mutually beneficial exchange of goods and services within a community. 

Trisha Filor 

Available as a whole or as four individual sections (consisting of three rods each with underground fixings)

Price £800 

Trisha Filor

About Trisha  

Trisha graduated with a first class degree in Fine Art from Plymouth University in the summer of 2020. Her practice is multi-disciplinary with a focus largely on clay and the natural world. She believes that art can be a revealing means of communication, possibly even with the potential to translate scientific facts by creating an environment that allows for contemplation and personal reflection. Especially interested in making as a response to a place or an issue, she lives and works nearby in Spreyton.