10: Driftwood Angel

About Driftwood Angel 

Driftwood with sea glass embedded 

A piece of driftwood with its own beauty. Its curves almost Angelic in form I could see the shape of the whole Angel whilst it was laying on the beach.   

Where did you come from? How long were you at sea navigating the storms being reshaped by the elements? Finally washed up on distant shores to be found and thoughtfully re-purposed into a new form allowing you to stand proud with a new look but the same soul. We look at trees for spiritual healing, comfort and solace, they call us to a state of mindfulness much like Angels. Like the gathering of the seeds to create a beautiful, peaceful space you are connected through the same source you are back amongst the trees once again! 

Tracey Swift 

Price £850 

Tracey Swift

About Tracey 

I attended Doncaster college of Art in 1979 for 4 years leaving with SIAD, worked as an art director in an Advertising Agency for 12 years before starting a family. I have moved around a lot, attending art classes in various parts of the world. More settled now, I spend my time making art. Devon has a special place in my heart and always will, my happiest memories in my life are there!