10: Beholden and blessed 1/2: you were, we are, they will be

How lucky are we simply to be – and be in this place (and moment).Yet given our limitless capacity to abuse and take this for granted, our future seems to hang by little more than a thread or two of hope, nature and a little moral bloody mindedness. What we call nature is, after all, our only place – thankfully indomitable, persistent and ceaselessly overcoming everything we throw at it… and despite ourselves we are still here. Surviving, if we’re extremely lucky, thriving, and, of course, living with the life justifying hope that unites us all.

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Nigel Wood 

About Nigel

I’m an art history/english graduate, creative director, sculptor, writer, riverside/coastal dweller, helpless, hapless human but above all, wabi sabi devotee… the Japanese concept  celebrating transcience, imperfection and the passing and letting go of everything, including – yet not more significant than anything else – ourselves. Using driftwood – a metaphor for people and the world that shapes us – and other found objects and materials in combination, and – more or less – as found, including those made, shaped (and forgotten) by people, my work reflects on shared and timeless human experiences and emotions – at its most simple an expression of the beauty, grace and pathos of what it is to live.