12: Illuminated Time (i) (ii) (iii)

A series of three sundials that explore the activity of light by tracking the movement of the sun from East to West. The circular disks symbolise the stone circles that are found locally in Dartmoor, several of which are said to be aligned for sun-worship. The sundials that are more commonly known today, measure time through a shadow that is cast by a stick or obelisk type of gnomon. Illuminated time does precisely the opposite; the round hole that pierces the disk allows a sun spot to appear in the centre of the circular shadow. Instead the perforated or pierced gnomon, that has been known since as early as 500 BC in China, measures the hours of the day by projecting an image of the sun onto the ground.


Amelia Bowles 

About Amelia

South Devon has always been a part of my life and childhood, and for the past 5 years it has been my permanent home. My lived experience of Devon is a part of every choice I make as an artist and continues to give me knowledge as I study light and the seasons.  Living near Dartmoor has meant I’ve been aware of and drawn to the stone circles and the ancient rituals related to the sun. I am interested in areas for gathering and community to witness a natural phenomenon. I find this is Devon, where the wind surfers know how the shapes of the clouds connect to the currents in the water, and I believe that it is a sense of ritual that can still be achieve through art and culture, gathering and sharing.