13: This Mortal Coir

Ashburner Prize Winner 2021 

About This Mortal Coir

Horsehair, coir, wool and nylon

The piece explores the wider interconnected ecosystems that run through and across bodies, both human and non human, vitalising all. Interconnected systems hold regenerative power, their components creating the parts that create the components that create the parts. Awareness of the interconnectedness of all living beings is becoming mainstream within science.

Price £3,000 approx for a site specific piece


Nicola Turner

About Nicola

Nicola is a career scenographer. In 2019 she completed an arts MA at Bath Spa university. There she began to develop her sculpture.

She investigates mortality, vitality, mass and fusion. She explores the interconnection of life and death, human and non-human, attraction and repulsion. Her work and methodology have both been looking at challenging individuality and creating awareness of the wider interconnected energies of which we are part. She is based in Bath.

Nicola Turner