14: Interconnected Symbolism

About Interconnected Symbolism 

Granite blocks and stainless steel rods 

Symbolism connects all humans by transcending language and time. In “Interconnected Symbolism” I illustrate using symbols how we are all intrinsically different yet connected by common themes. This sculpture is a cube in structure and comprises 27 hand-carved square granite blocks displaying five visible sides each containing nine symbols. Each block is connected by a network of stainless steel rods. Each symbol represents a facet of our nature and each side contains the same symbols orientated in different positions to demonstrate our individuality. There is one exception. The top centre stone displays a circle symbolizing an awareness of unity consciousness and the never-ending cycle of life. The centre blue block suggests all life originates from one source with each side being a unique expression of that single life source. There is so much more I can say about this piece, but will leave it to the observer’s imagination…  

Please note that this sculpture has been designed to dismantle into five segments in order to facilitate movement and installation.  

James Shaw  

Price £3000 


James Shaw

About James 

I began drawing around the age of four and have been unable to switch off my imagination ever since.  Having honed my skills in design and illustration, I have explored and experimented with an extensive range of mediums, including wood, stone, metal, glass, ceramics, and bronze. The natural world provides the inspiration and impetus for my creative process. I like to start with a fundamental idea, then, while working, allow spontaneity to take the reins. This fuels an internal synergistic, dynamic, and innovative flow, leading me in directions I would not have discovered through conventional thought, design, or linear application.