16: Meandering Curves

This organic shape arose from the memory of a walk taken in a wet and
mossy woodland some time ago. It re-imagines the lines and forms to be
found.… In the way a footprint squeezes the mud… how depressions in the
ground allow rainfall to find its own meandering path,…the clarity of
undisturbed water in the sunshine…the unexpected hints of colour.

Stoneware Ceramic.

40 x 20 x 20cm

£475.00 (£725.00 including plinth)

Fiona Matthews

I came late to ceramics and fell in love with the malleability and sheer physicality of using clay. Many works are site specific, created to be within the landscape, where the pieces can form a relationship with their surroundings as possibly the only physical constant, where the mood of the piece shifts with the ever changing elements and foliage – and of course we can walk round it and find new planes and aspects to enjoy.