16: The Hunger Stone

Hunger stones have been uncovered due to drought all over Europe, particularly in 2018 and 2022. My stone is sited in the stream to make an environmental impact statement. It is site-specific and made of local stone. The words “If you see me… weep” link to the inscriptions revealed on stones in the Elbe river. This is to represent the global response to water shortages. 

The use of local stone represents the natural language of the landscape and siting the sculpture in the stream creates a belonging to Stone Lane Gardens. 


Dawn Ensor

About Dawn

Growing up in rural Devon I developed a deep connection with nature and natural form. This developed into a passion and concern for all environmental issues. All of my site-specific sculptures are as net zero as possible. Reusing and reclaiming materials has become part of my working practice. All artworks should follow the philosophical principles: should that object be made or is there a way to remake the old.