17: Mortis Terra ll (Death of Land)

About Mortis Terra ll (Death of Land)

Glazed fired clay, accompanied by sound recordings

The pieces are a direct response to the decline of seed varieties due to industrial agriculture. Using the medium of clay, the pieces embody the message of the importance and fragility of our

earth. Both pieces are accompanied by sound recordings in order to heighten the textures of the forms. These sounds can be accessed with a phone via the QR code below which leads to Alice’s website. 

Mortis Terra ll (Death of Land) – 2 pieces. Glazed fired clay, accompanied by sound recordings

Price   £1300 Pod l  (tall)

Price   £1300 Pod ll (long)

Alice Jennings

About Alice

Alice is a Bristol based sculpture artist early in her career having studied at the University of the West of England. Winner of the 2018 Ruth Tait Sculpture Prize, awarded to emerging artists. Since this she has exhibited at Delamore Arts, West Leaze and will be showcasing work at Fresh Air Sculpture 2021.Her work encompasses the physicality and visceral language of clay. She creates forms that are intended to play with the senses, connecting the viewer to the intricacies of the natural world and questioning our idealism of beauty.

Alice Jennings