18: Birds Lament

Each of my sculptures, Meander and Birds Lament are carved from entirely different stones and both behave very differently when carved.

Birds Lament –Algerian Red Onyx, is a colourful, fractious, veined red stone that needed to be a solid form. Soft simple lines are carved into sides and it represents the shape of a teardrop, which is linked to the title of the sculpture.

50 x 25 x 25cm


Hamish Holman

Growing up on a working farm on rural Dartmoor has been the backbone behind my magnetism towards stone and its permanence within the landscape. As a sculptor and stonemason back living and working here, the practise of shaping limestone, marble and granite is an important meditative process for me. Studying geology, music and fine art, with a deep-rooted curiosity in natural wonders, my work has many links to geometry, and the diversity of natural forms. While carving, decisions and actions are constantly evolving while exploring and pushing the stones possibilities and limits.