18: The Willow Warrior  

About The Willow Warrior  

Black maul willow and mild steel rods 

A human figure practicing Virabhadrasana (the warrior pose) in yoga. The pose is intended to be calming to observe, with willow effectively representing a gentle but grounded figure. by practising yoga many feel more connected and at peace with the world around them. Furthermore, this particular yoga pose connects the whole body, using muscles from all over rather than only legs or arms. Using natural material to create a human form draws links between human and nature. 

Jasmine Fassenfelt 

Price £1900 


Jasmine Fassenfelt

About Jasmine 

I am a recently graduated Plymouth based artist with a BA(hons)Design For Performance. Since graduating in 2021 I have been working as a freelance artist. I completed a large sculpture commission that now sits permanently in The Lost Gardens of Heligan. I believe that it was my very fortunate upbringing of getting caked in mud and building things out of sticks that has encouraged my creativity, and ignited my passion for creating work which gives nature a voice.