24: Pride

About Pride

Cement fondue

The lion has often been used to represent a lot of cultures, including England. Anthropomorphic symbolism associates the lion with pride. Through the past year it is fair to say the thought of being as strong as a lion has been severely hit and Ella wonders whether this will ever change. It articulates regeneration in the way that it is indicating a need for renewal. Ella wanted the lion to be forlorn, almost dilapidated from what it represents. She says ‘It is apparent that in this time of loss we are in need for a regeneration, which is what I was thinking when making this piece’.

Price £400

Ella Morris

About Ella 

Ella is a Contemporary Arts BA (hons)) graduate from Bath Spa university who is currently a resident at Bath Artists’ Studios. Her practice is heavily influenced by prehistoric societies and attempts to understand the psychological and philosophical context behind our relationship with animality and the natural world.

Ella Morris