25: Kinship

A ceramic blanket. A sense of place might be translated as belonging.  I have chosen to represent this emotion with a blanket. A physical covering that might keep out the metaphorical ‘cold’ and the discomfort of potentially in hospitable or unwelcome surroundings. The natural world plays a very important part in my own ‘place’. Silhouettes of plants and trees that I see through the seasons are mono-printed onto the clay so have slightly mottled texture and imprecise outline, these are randomly joined as one might when stitching fragments of cloth.The patchwork pieces represent the many fragments of life which ultimately join to form a whole.

Please note, this piece may need a little extra care during the winter months. Advice will be provided by the artist upon purchase.


Trisha Filor

About Trisha

Whilst I have always appreciated and dabbled in the arts, it wasn’t until my children were grown up that I actually found the time to formalise my interest. I graduated from Plymouth University in 2020 with a first class honours degree in Fine Art. Since then I have been fortunate enough to have space and time to create and develop my practice, albeit slowly! I have exhibited twice at Stone Lane and would very much like to do so again. I have been focussing on clay as a medium, and I am particularly interested in collections or multiplicity as a means of creating a piece and making an observation.