27: Maelstrom

About Maelstrom

Christopher’s new body of work “Maelström” evolved during Lockdowns 2020/21.“Maelström, a situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil”. The Covid 19 storm ravaged the world but the majestic towering cliffs of the Pentire Headland were oblivious to it, this was one they would not feel, it was not about them. Exposed to all the elements the Atlantic can throw at it, this wild North facing coast of Cornwall, East of Pentire Point, ironically became a refuge and place of solace during the turmoil in the outside world. This striking coastline with its lofty jagged cliffs battered by the elements since perpetuity, wearing the scars on their face of the myriad storms they have faced & survived. Wild crashing waves one day, shimmering transparent water washing their feet gently another. The maelström series was conceived here: the 3 pieces shown at Stone Lane, “Fragments II,IV & V” form part of the series.

Maelstrom Fragments

Fragment ll 2020 Steel, wood, charred wood/bitumen paint £900

Fragment lV 2020 Steel, charred wood, bitumen £1400

Fragment V 2020 Steel, charred wood, patinated copper £1100

Christopher Chandler

About Christopher

Originally from Guernsey, Christopher worked as a chartered accountant until he was 49 when he went to Plymouth College of Art & Design, graduating with a BA 1st Class Honours in 2005. After graduating he moved to France, where he lived and worked until 2017, exhibiting his work in galleries and at art fairs throughout France. He moved to Cornwall in 2018.

Christopher Chandler