27: New Beginnings

Made from branches and twigs found on Dartmoor and in Stone Lane Gardens, knotted to each other with natural twine to form an organic shape inspired by standing stones on Dartmoor, insect cocoons, and a wasp nest that is lodged in the barn in which I work. I have purposely chosen moss and lichen-covered branches which, with the frayed edges of the knots give a soft, almost furry texture to the piece. From afar the piece is intended to subtly blend into the beautiful natural environment of the Garden, its ‘sense of place’. The whole piece (excluding mounting structure) is bio-degradable over time and the purchaser is invited to see the gradual decay and de-composing of the work as a positive feature.


Lucy Patrick

About Lucy

I studied art at Exeter College of Art and Design and have being making art work consistently for over 30 years. Living on Dartmoor has fostered an interest in the natural world and how both residents and non-residents of this area relate to it. Often my work uses found natural materials and has a performative element encouraging people to participate in the process.