28: Neo

About Neo

4mm Heavy Steel Plate

Ruth chose to create a bull figure because they are a universal symbol of potency and power. It is the Chinese year of the metal Ox beginning February 2021. She has referenced the feminine aspects of creation by giving it rounded, curved hind quarters and tail. This is balanced and contained by the angular, sharp front presentation. Neo is depicted steadfastly holding space, and is strength contained by gentleness; qualities essential to regeneration and Guardianship.

Price £2990

Ruth Hawe

About Ruth

Ruth is quite new to sculpture, having spent 2 years at Brighton Metropolitan University studying a BA (Hons) Fine Arts, majoring in Sculpture. She has a huge affinity with the bovine nation, and supports a wonderful cow sanctuary called Hugletts Farm in Sussex. She has also written a novel called “Holy Cow”

Ruth Hawe