30: Stone Lane

This piece takes inspiration from the work of the artist Ken Unsworth.  It is a part elevated ‘living’ piece that sits in the landscape.  The grass beneath the piece will grow up and through the stone path, to make a statement about how nature reclaims and restores itself, if left alone to do so. The piece attempts to reflect the theme, ‘Sense of Place’, both in a literal sense, being emblematic of Stone Lane Gardens, and in a figurative sense, being constructed of stones of Granite. The piece represents a dialogue between the artist and the natural world, site and memory, longing and belonging and human histories.

Granite supplied by Caradon Granite


Dorron Britz

About Dorron

My practice is research based; sometimes auto-biographical, always inspired by a Kabbalistic mission to demonstrate that the spark of life and of hope can and does shine out from the darkest corners of humanity.  I am driven by a keen interest in the nature of relationships; the relationships we have with ourselves (self-identity), with our peers (family and friends), with the meeting point of different cultures, with our environments, with nature and with the manner in which our spirituality influences our relationships.