30: You are here 

About You are here 

Reclaimed copper wire 

You are here prompts the viewer to be mindful of the here and now. The wire is formed into shapes reminiscent of mycelial-like networks, or neural pathways forming connections between the trees, while simultaneously alluding to the internet. The open, lacy structure of the surface means that the viewer simultaneously sees the work and its setting: the sculpture is as much about what can be seen through it as the form itself. 

Jenny and Emily Ridgway

Price £1500 Installations elsewhere are site specific so prices will vary  


Jenny and Emily Ridgway

About Jenny and Emily 

Jenny holds a BA in Fine Art, and an MA in Contemporary Art Practice from Plymouth University. She mainly makes site specific conceptual installations and human-scale sculptures with an emphasis on audience participation. She has exhibited across the South West.  

Emily achieved a double distinction in Art and Design BTech (Fine Art) from Exeter College. Since then, she has gone on to attain a number of private commissions for tattoo designs; album art; festival signage and promotional material; small-scale sculptures; paintings and print works. 

This is their first proper collaboration.  

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