31: An Old Friend

As a ceramicist with M.E., the importance of rest and being aware of my limitations is important. An Old Friend, is a sculpture intended to bring support and help in times of need. It invites you to sit upon it and take in the ‘sense of place’, encourarging you to breathe, rest meditate and take in your surroundings. Clay is a material that records action, touch and emotions as it is manipulated into its final form.  Traces of my interaction with the material are visible; finger, hand and tool marks still present on the ceramic surface. Built using the coiling method, in stoneware crank clay.


Tallulah Lloyd-Allum

About Tallulah

After discovering a love for ceramics during my BA, I have recently graduated from an MA in Fine Art Ceramics from Bath Spa University October of 2022. I am currently based on the EMERGE graduate residency program partnered with Bath Spa, which I am looking to use as a means to develop my ceramics and sculpture practice, in order to become a more established artist. I am a young artist currently living in Bath, Somerset