31: Vanishing Point

About Vanishing Point

Spruce, aluminium, stainless steel bolts

Vanishing Point is a star shaped sculpture reminiscent of an explosion. Long, straight, pentagonal frames stretch out from a central point in all directions. A triangular scaffold supports and connects these tube-like structures creating a geometric form of unending lines, angles and shapes. Vanishing Point appears from nowhere, a silent rupture with an unknown purpose. The external white wood structure contrasts with its surroundings and projects glints of sunlight from an interior aluminium trim. This internal mirror, reflecting not only the external environment but also the sculpture, back in on itself. Creating an infinite renewal of lines and a constant distortion of shapes, disappearing into endless reflection.

Price £3200

Ben Rowe

About Ben

Ben lives and works in Bristol.

2007 BA (hons) University of the West of England.

2007 – 2019 exhibited in exhibitions throughout the UK

Ben Rowe