34: Unity Consciousness

About Unity Consciousness

Ceramic hoops on a metal pole and base plate

This piece uses multiple circles that are unique and separate yet crucial to the integrity of the whole. A parallel to the human experience. Are we as a species going to continue down the path of separateness and ultimate destruction, or are we going to recognise our inherent connection to all things and each other? How are we going to navigate the days, months and years ahead? As the old paradigms/systems collapse before our eyes the opportunity for renewal based on unity consciousness presents itself.

Price £870


Melanie O'Hanlan

About Melanie

Melanie graduated from UCCA Farnham in 2009 with a BA (hons) in Fine Art. She has exhibited in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Devon where she currently lives. Her work centres around the idea that everything is connected and emanates from God or Source. The big question, who/what am I has followed her since early childhood and is the underlying thread in her work. Working in clay, paper and plastic she draws inspiration from the natural world and is fascinated with the potential transformation. Creating multiples through a repetitive/meditative process she brings all these elements together in a final piece.

Melanie O’Hanlon