35: Out of the Earth

Local wild clay, black stoneware slip, birch ash glaze. A sculpture made in direct response to the enchanting, continually changing environment at the Stone Lane Gardens and unique countryside of South West England. It is a physical representation of my deep connection with the Gardens. It documents the feelings I experienced when connecting with the environment, sensing, experiencing, touching; awe, tranquillity, curiosity, intimidation. The piece is intuitive, instinctive and fluid. It evokes the natural forms surrounding it, representing an ever changing landscape throughout each season over millions of years and provokes questions about its provenance, place in deep time and relationship between place and memory.


Edie Evans

About Edie

Growing up in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside has had a crucial influence on my life and work. After graduating from the renowned Central St. Martins School of Art and Design I returned back to my home village, searching for a connection to nature that was lacking in my city life and with a determination to begin a career as an Artist. As a young, emerging Artist my current time as a Masters student has allowed me to develop a maturity and confidence, in my practise values and goals.