35: Spring Tide

Part of my Abstract Landscape Series. 

When the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned, their collective gravitational pull on the Earth’s water is strengthened. 

I try to distil the natural elements of form, line and texture to depict the feeling of a place and the rhythm of a time. Finding much inspiration in the stunning Devon landscapes. 

Portland Stone, gold leaf, blue lias & sandstone plinth.

94 x 42 x 28cm


Nicola Axe

I have carved stone for the last 15 years and still I’m fascinated by the process and the possibilities of this ancient material. 

Much of my work is inspired by nature’s designs like shell and fossil forms which lend themselves to the medium. 

My Portland stone figurative work is peaceful and contemplative. 

Just recently I have relocated to Sea Change Studio 2 at Cockington Court, Torquay where I also enjoy carving various sea creatures like turtles, stingrays and sea jellies in serpentine and alabaster stone.