36: The Guardian

This piece, representing an abstracted head, is based loosely on the form and  power of standing stones whilst echoing the belief of some of our tribal ancestors that stones are living beings or ‘stone people’. It is a strong, large piece which hints at unknown peoples and associated beliefs, having  gravitas and authority which are slightly offset by the cheerful remnants of coloured slips and metallic paint. These slips have been rubbed back to hint at the once bright colours, helping to further anchor the piece to the past. It is made from coils of stoneware clay.     


Fiona Matthews

About Fiona

I retired as an Organisational Psychologist and moved to Bideford in the South West in 2010  to be nearer my  small grandchildren and was fortunate to ‘find clay’ in 2014.  I took a week’s course ’Creativity is Play’ with an inspirational artist, followed by the offer of an internship for a year until October 2015, which involved making some components for a very large ceramic project but I have had no formalised training.