37: Outside insides 

About Outside insides 

Carved Portland stone 

‘Outside insides’ explores the metabolism of an environment and the idea of digestion as a generative process within a landscape. The work connects to the organic biological function of the body, the body as an integral part of the ecosystem rather than an other. At first stark and white, over time it becomes  part of the landscape as plants and fungi envelop its surface. 

It was carved in Weymouth at the Portland Stone and Quarry Trust from a stone salvaged from the Albion Quarry.  

Irena Posner 

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Irena Posner 

About Irena  

Irena holds a Masters in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art. She was the recipient of the Gilbert Bayes Sculpture Development Prize in 2020. Irina works with direct carving in limestone and marble. She has undertaken residencies in Carrara, Weymouth and the University of East London. Her material research is informed by occult and ritualistic connections with stone.