38: Zephyr

About Zephyr

Spruce, aluminium, stainless steel bolts

Zephyr is a larger-than-life approximation of the chemical Geosmin, a bi-product compound made from the bacteria of the undergrowth in the forest; released as the constant renewal of the dead leaves and twigs get broken down to provide nutrients to the new saplings. Sometimes called “the smell of rain” Geosmin is released along with other plant oils from the dry soil into the forest air creating “Petrichor” that nostalgic, earthy smell we all recognise when in the forest on a rainy day. A visual representation of the smell rising up from the forest floor. The varnished, wooden object contrasts with the greens of the forest, still and silent. Structurally sound yet appearing fragile, a constant reminder of the complex eco-system currently under threat by climate change.

Price £3200

Ben Rowe

About Ben

Ben lives and works in Bristol.

2007 BA (hons) University of the West of England.

2007 – 2019 exhibited in exhibitions throughout the UK

Ben Rowe