40: Bird Figure I

The two sculptures I have made for this exhibition combine human and bird forms with the touch of an angel too.

I coiled the shapes using craft crank clay and then added and cut away clay to achieve the final form. I used oxides and transparent glaze with gold lustre details to complete the surfaces. They sit on wooded plinths with a steel rod securing them to the ground and are suitable for all weather.

Stoneware, ceramic, gold lustre, steel rod, wood.

52 x 42cm.

£800.00 (£850.00 including plinth)

Rose Ellis

I have made things from clay since I was a young child and love the tactile squidginess of the material. I was fortunate to attend a school where art – making was central to our education. My sculptures depict creatures, humans and natural forms in a stylised way, and I fire them to stoneware or using the raku technique. There is some control in the making and surrender to chance in the firing.