41: Super low frequency attenuation deflector #2 

About Super low frequency attenuation deflector #2, 2022 

Glass, steel, concrete and plastic  

The piece plays with the vibration and frequencies of colour and light. Sunlight is exploited in the outdoor setting to produce shifting reflections and projections of colour which change as they meet and cross over at different points in the day. Despite the apparent calm nature of the installation, with its spectrum of pleasing colours, there is chaos at work, as waves and particles of coloured light bounce around the piece. Viewers connect to the system, by interrupting flow they join in the dispersal and scattering of light. 

Lorraine Snape 

Price £5350 


Lorraine Snape

About Lorraine 

Lorraine is a multidisciplinary artist working predominantly in sculpture and installation. Her practice is performative, frequently incorporates kineticism and extends into video and mark-making. She utilises found and reclaimed objects and animates them with reactive materials, motors, projections or the elements. In 2021 Lorraine graduated from Chelsea College of Arts (UAL) with an MA Fine Art.