42: Kingfisher Splash

As a wild swimmer sensing elemental transitions from earth, through air, into water, my sculpture portrays this morphosis experience.  Composed of two parts; the steel kingfisher diving from his perch on a bullrush, and the splash, all of which are composed of reclaimed steels, glass and pine wood.

Approximate dimensions: length 2.6 metres, height 1.7 metres, total weight approximately 100kg.  


Ruth Hawe

I am fairly new to sculpture, being a retired podiatrist. After Art and Design Foundation in Brighton and two years of a Fine Art BA (Hons) specialising in Sculpture, Covid descended, and I relocated to Cornwall. I joined an Art and Design degree focussing on Ceramics in 2022, which health issues have prevented me from completing. In 2021 my lifesize steel bull sculpture “Neo” was in Stone Lane Gardens exhibition. Beingeco-minded I enjoy incorporating found and repurposed materials into mixed media creations. Animals, humans, and our conjoined liberation are my core theme.