42: The Stone Totem: Ashburner Prize Winner 2022

Ashburner Prize Winner 2022 – Sponsored by Caradon Granite

About The Stone Totem 

Most of the stones are the original shape they were on extraction from quarries around the South West (SW). The base stone represents the interconnected Roots of trees, ‘The Wood Wide Web’. Upon this is a granite block with concentric circles inspired by Hierocles theory of community and identity. The large triangular granite block has 7 gilded metal bored holes which represent the counties of the SW. Upon the next granite is the Celtic symbol the Triskelion representing the unity of three.  Upon that is a highly polished slate block. The lamprophyre from Devon has marked with images relating to String Theory and the nature of subatomic particles linking everything together in strings of energy. Upon the smaller stones is the symbol for the rising sun or the return of light, the basis of all life. Above this is the organelle Mitochondria which produces ATP (adenine Triphosphate) the energy carrying molecule found in all living cells. On the top is a birch leaf. Leaves capture the light and make glucose which is eventually changed through cellular respiration into ATP. Everything in connected. We are all part of the same physical fabric all dependent upon the same life giving forces. More detail here. 

Deborah Harrison 

Price £6425 

Deborah Harrison

About Deborah 

I came into stone carving in my middle years. I made the commitment to become a professional stone carver in 2016 after the death of my mother. I have become known for my use of a technique called ‘Carving Direct’ where I am guided by the stone’s shape, grain and colour until I reach a kind of skin and the piece takes on a life of its own. I have won SWAc’s Sculpture Prize and Guest judges award. I lead stone carving courses.