44: Stone books 

About the books 

Stone Books, an invitation to read the earth’s mantle directly. Here is offered a granite piece with unusual purple colour on one face and the raw texture on the other. Between the covers is for imagination to play.  

The other book is Serpentine, a deeper extrusion through the granite sheet covering Cornwall, forming pockets as different mixes of minerals cooled and set and often cracked. Thus allowing other minerals to force up through the cracks and make some crazy patterning. Some of these were iron rich, hence the rusty red at the exposed surface, such iron salts are part soluble. It takes 50 years or more to ‘weather’ the surface like this piece. Texture is for the slow hand of time to read, polishing smooth is for the revelation of shape, allowing both raw and formal versions of the notional ‘book’. Book or the idea of book is receding as we read so much more on screen. We are in process of books becoming symbols, having deeper meaning we give them, richer than their content.  


Price Granite tales £495 

Serpentine Story £395 




About Samvado 

Samvado lives and works in The Lizard, Cornwall. He says,’ For me creativity arises out of meditation, and art is the expressive play of form with that which is formless’