Garden Open Again

We start with the best news!

Stone Lane Gardens has reopened its beautiful arboretum to visitors.

The new systems are working very well, without disturbing the garden’s peace and tranquility. Dappled light still falls through the trees into secret places, now cut through with the freshest greens of bright new leaves and grasses following the recent rain.

We would encourage our Friends to visit soon to enjoy this especially quiet time. That is, of course, if you are within safe travelling distance and your personal situation allows..

We started with a trickle of visitors with numbers growing slowly as we publicise the garden via our local social media hubs. Our next step will be to add some extra temporary updates to our road signs to remind passers-by that we are still here and open.

Please help us spread the word!

The website is still the best place to direct your friends for our location and practical tips for visits. Paul’s Garden Manager Report, following in this newsletter, has more detail for you, our loyal supporters and ‘Friends’.