New Website and New Season Trees

Friends and volunteers are the life blood of Stone Lane Gardens

Dodging rain showers and grabbing a cup of tea between jobs we put our heads together to think about this newsletter. We all agreed that we have achieved some  fantastic things together at SLG over the last few months.

With more volunteers we could achieve even more!

Paul’s Autumn report covers a very busy summer in the garden and we will try to fill in a few gaps from behind the scenes

We hope you enjoy catching up!  And, please, if you have any ideas to add or resources to bring, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Phone, or email Paul, or contact us though the new website – or call in for a cup of tea!  You would be so welcome.

With that in mind, we start this update with warm thanks to all our Friends – those who are here every week and also those who underpin everything in the garden with subs and donations.

Stone Lane is such a very special place. Kenneth and June’s labour of love would not continue without our combined support. Cheers to us!

So, with empty mugs and only a few crumbs left on the table, here is the news...

New Season Trees are now available.. many have

already been reserved!

Have a look – be inspired!

Don’t forget that as ‘Friends’ we enjoy a healthy 30% discount on the SLG trees for our own garden or as a gift