Why can’t I buy trees in the spring or summer?

Although our trees start life in pots, we plant them out into fields when they are only about 2 foot high. We cannot then disturb the roots whilst they are actively growing (April to October), or the root hairs would be damaged and would not be able to take up water. On re-planting. the root hairs would not be able to regrow quick enough to absorb water before catastrophic damage to the plant cells occurred, resulting in death of the plant.

That is why we only dig up (lift) the trees whilst they are dormant and have much smaller water requirements. The dormant period for our deciduous trees is generally from November until the end of March.

Although you cannot buy your trees during the summer, you can reserve them from us, so that they cannot be sold to someone else. We will then dispatch your trees at a time convenient to you in the winter. If you would like to reserve your trees, please fill in the form on our ‘Reservation List’ page.

How do I plant trees?

We have produced a simple guide to planting trees. We have also produced a guide to garden design. This gives you help with tree spacing, grouping, underplanting, etc.

View our Garden Planning, Planting and Maintenance guides.

Is the shop secure?

Yes. None of your card or payment details are asked for until you are within the Paypal website. Paypal have a very secure site. If you are unsure about paying by card on-line, you can always send us a cheque.

How long before my trees are delivered?

We try to ship trees every two weeks, though this varies with the number of orders we receive and the weather conditions. For economy reasons we wait until we have a reasonable number of orders (to stop the carrier coming all the way out from Exeter for one tree!). However , we will never keep you waiting longer than two to three weeks unless the weather is so extreme as to make lifting and transporting too damaging for the trees. We always let you know when the trees are on their way.

What are the delivery charges?

Our charges are for Packing and Shipping. We pack our trees carefully to ensure that they reach you in good condition. We make no profit from this charge and are merely passing on the cost of materials and our Carriers charges. Our charges appear on the page showing your order, so you can see exactly what we charge before you make payment.

Delivery to Mainland England, Wales and lowlands of Scotland

For orders of 1-6 small trees we charge £9.95 Packing and Shipping.
For small trees, the charge then goes up to £19.90 for orders of more than 6 trees.

For orders of 1-6 medium trees, we charge £19.90 Packing and Shipping.
For medium trees, the charge then goes up to £39.90 for orders of more than 6 trees.

Delivery to Highlands & islands of Scotland and Isle of Wight

For orders of small trees (2-4 foot high) the rates are as above.

For orders of medium trees (4-6 foot high), our charges are higher than above, due to the surcharge that Parcelforce charge us. For an up to date pricing please get in touch.

Other Regions

For delivery outside of these areas please ask for a quotation.

We appreciate that for someone ordering just one tree, the cost may seem great, but we use almost the same amount of materials and the Carrier charges us just as much.

If customers would like to get together with friends and order additional trees to share the cost of delivery, then we are happy to put several orders together in one package and deliver to one address.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange this.


We pack our trees very securely and they rarely get damaged in transit. However, if they are damaged we will send replacements. Please check your trees as soon as they arrive by unpacking very carefully.