32: Eclipse

I love seeing something emerge through different processes, as in this bronze casting. I refine to find the ‘essence’ – here, textural contrast portrayed by the light and dark of the Millennium eclipse which I watched reflected in a pool of water.

‘Eclipse’ is presented here, part submerged in still water.


40 x 10cm.



Melanie Guy

Before a second degree in applied arts, completed in 1999, I was teaching in secondary and adult education. My first qualification was in ceramics and I worked in a ceramics studio in Wales.

I have been making in metals since 1996 and developed techniques with pewter extending this into sculptural pieces from my practice in East Cornwall.

I continue to be inspired by the relationship of nature to sculptural forms.

I worked in the studio craft industry using ceramics and completed a degree in metal design as a mature student.

In the 1990s, following a career in education and teaching all ages from nursery to higher education, I began making my own work again.

I specialised in techniques with pewter and developed unique methods with this beautiful material. I successfully produced pewter reliefs for interior design projects and now use my skills in making sculpture